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Summit Truck Group, a Texas based commercial vehicle dealership serves more than 1,400 employees, 475 technicians, over 475 service bays, and over $31 million in all-makes stocked parts. They sought to further increase back office automation after a successful Oracle Cloud Planning implementation in 2016. Like many companies in the automotive space, Summit leveraged CDK as their primary ERP system, but relied on Excel for their account reconciliation needs. 

From a functional perspective, manual account reconciliations did not provide real-time visibility into balance sheet account health, which left their CFO scratching his head for better data. Managing the overall close process without a cloud-based tool meant management was left in the dark on the progress of outstanding reconciliation items, causing delays and occasional redundant efforts on shared tasks. In addition, there were significant man hours dedicated monthly to a process that they knew could be automated by a tool, allowing that time to be dedicated to analysis and other activities.

Summit implemented Account Reconciliations in the EPM Cloud via a strategic partnership with Oracle and EPMI. From a data integration perspective, Summit gained transparency into balance explanations for reconciliation compliance from CDK’s account schedules. The cloud-based tool enabled workflows and task accountability through centralized user dashboards and version control. 

The project resulted in: 


  • Consolidating 75% of account reconciliations, 
  • Achieving an 85% (and growing) bank and inventory match rate
  • Balance Sheet account matching automation
  • Enhanced task visibility and process compliance


Since the successful Account Reconciliations go-live in 2018, Summit has elected to expand its footprint to address reconciliations for both new ERP systems and business departments.