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Data Integration

Data Integration

Data integration and ETL tools are in our DNA.

Data integration is a compound of specialized and enterprise procedures used to merge data from various sources into significant and profitable information. This ensures the maximum quality of production achievable for the implementation of data transformation and validation operations. Data integration results in easier and efficient development and maintenance, and is also the most cost-effective solution available today.

A comprehensive data integration solution provides trusted data from multiple sources. This is especially important when there are merging companies using different systems or when a single enterprise wants to consolidate their applications into a single view of their data resources.

Comprehensive Know-how and Focus

EPMI was founded by consultants deeply rooted in data integration and have maintained this as a core competency among our technical consultants. This focus has enabled EPMI to be nationally recognized as a thought leader in the space.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) and Classic Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) are the standard EPM tools for Extracting, Transforming and Loading data (ETL). These tools provide superior scaling for expansion, a solution that reduces the support and licenses expenses, migrating the system to an advanced platform, and more.

In addition to data integration implementation, accurate analysis is required to verify that the consolidated data are correct, complete and current.

EPMI understands how to leverage these robust ETL tools and how to integrate them to each organization’s data structure.

Our team provides organizations with true data integrity when extracting, mapping and loading critical financial data. EPMI uses these tools to create seamless integrations between the source and target systems.