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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Oracle ERP Cloud

At EPMI we understand the need to control costs and increase productivity, all while making critical decisions with real-time information. Our focus is to enhance your enterprise business processes to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls with the most comprehensive, integrated, and scalable financial management solution available. We partner with our clients to strategically develop and implement solutions utilizing Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud.

The Oracle ERP Cloud is the backbone that allows enterprises to function effectively and efficiently. Rather than wasting time and resources utilizing multiple systems to manage multiple applications, Oracle’s ERP Cloud integrates critical systems into a single and user-friendly platform. It is scalable for growth cross-industry and is updated bi-annually with leading-edge technology to maximize performance and profitability.

Some of Oracle’s ERP Cloud essential products include Financial, Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and ERP Analytics. Do you have a Midsize company with 500 employees? EPMI can also meet your specific needs with Oracles ERP Cloud for Midsize, which features Financials, Purchasing, and Planning and Budgeting products. The ERP Cloud for Midsize also has additional bundles which EPMI can add to accommodate your company’s demands.

Oracle ERP Features

The Oracle Financial Cloud specializes in Ledger and Analytics, Payables and Assets, Receivables, Collections, and Expenses. It modernizes the entire payment and purchasing operation using a spreadsheet entry option to online or mobile data capture methods. The Financial Cloud helps configure end-to-end solutions for digital expense management giving employees easy data entry options while providing financial managers detailed spend information and maintain policy-driven control.

EPMI also helps clients focus on applying best practices to execute strategic business plans by implementing additional Oracle ERP products such as Oracle’s Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and ERP Analytics. Oracle’s Project Portfolio (PPM) Cloud minimizes bench time and maximizes workforce accountability by using social networks and employee performance metrics to achieve successful business outcomes.

The Oracle Risk Management Cloud solves significant problems such as ineffective security and control measures by anticipating compliance problems before they occur. It analyzes and monitors suspicious transactions, controls access by assigning roles and responsibilities, and reinforces risk processes.

The ERP Analytics application evaluates finance, procurement, and project data. It includes a collection of pre-built reports, dashboards, and innovative metrics used to identify enterprise solutions. ERP Analytics gives company insight and strategies to improve organizational structure and allows users to compile detailed reports of expenses, profits, and project opportunities.

Do you have problems taking control of your company budget, compliance, and operational risks? Contact us here so we can help solve all of your problems.