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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Oracle HCM Cloud

Today’s workplace is a constantly evolving culture driven by continuous technological improvements and dynamically changing social behavior. Organization’s find it difficult to adapt to the evolutionary pace, so we partner with HR teams to plan, design, and implement solutions utilizing Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud to engage their employees, align common HR processes, and promote a culture of compliance.

It is an arduous undertaking for HR departments to find and retain exceptional talent, keeping teams engaged, and assuring that employees want to be an integral part of the organization and contribute towards its success. The Society for Human Resource Management states, “it is more efficient to retain a quality employee than to recruit, train and orient a replacement employee of the same quality.”

Human Capital Management

Oracle’s HCM Cloud operates globally across all industries. It adapts to your business needs, increases the value of your workforce, and improves your bottom-line business goals. In March 2018, New York’s most prominent healthcare company, Northwell Health, began their switch to Oracle’s HCM to increase employee retention and save $15 million annually.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Oracle’s strategy to solve HR problems is through their Artificial Intelligence (AI) modernization. Oracle’s AI innovation remarkably advances HR departments by improving the recruitment and on-boarding processes, suggesting appropriate responsibilities and roles, predicting what employees are at risk for leaving the company, and ultimately increasing the overall workforce talent and value.

Oracle’s HCM Cloud supersedes other Human Resource Management Systems, not only with AI but with their comprehensive platform. EPMI and its clients value Oracle’s HCM Cloud because it encompasses the ability to manage the core HR data and processes, workforce compensation, career labor and development, legislative and regulatory compliance, and so much more.

Its performance tracking tools strengthen growth and development, while also reinforces desirable rewards based on employee and team performance and company goals. In addition to individualized performance tracking, the HCM Cloud also promotes collaboration amongst the teams using social networks and by tracking progressive milestones.

The HCM Cloud uses innovative data analytics and benchmarking tools to provide insight on how well your organization is operating compared to other industry KPIs so that you can answer critical questions about your workforce talent and determine what strategic next steps to take to increase your business performance.

Let EPMI help guide your HR department with Oracle’s HCM Cloud. Questions? We can help, contact us here.