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Infrastructure & Upgrades

Infrastructure and Upgrades

It’s no secret that the industry is moving towards the cloud, especially since upgrading networks can be time consuming and tricky for individuals who aren’t familiar with the latest best practices and how to migrate over to Cloud.

“The cloud enables businesses running on legacy technology to move to a platform that will support their customers’ business needs. Having an open architecture allows bi-directional communication via a myriad of methods. This has proven to be key to ensuring their portfolio of continued operational capabilities during times of change.”

Jeff Atkins, Aptean Senior Director of Product Management

Cloud Infrastructure Benefits

The cloud infrastructure is powerful. It’s many benefits include increases business productivity, improves user collaboration, and supports cutting-edge transformation across the enterprise. Furthermore, when upgrading to cloud based software not only increases software deployment efficiency, it also automates business responsibilities, reduces IT involvement, and significantly decreases ownership and maintenance expenses.

EPMI has helped many companies migrate to the Cloud, companies of all different industries. They have reaped the benefits of what the cloud infrastructure has done. They can now focus on how to improve their business performance, and are no longer toiling through their previously costly and dated services.

Interested in the Cloud?

Want to know more on how to upgrade your system to the Cloud Based Infrastructure, but not sure what to do? EPMI can help you move to the cloud by determining the user impact during and after the upgrade process. Cloud based infrastructures allows for a faster network, an increase in user productivity, a strengthened security and decreased threats to your network, and less maintenance demands.

Contact us to find out how to get cloud-ready in order to ensure your journey to the cloud  is successful. We help install, configure, and upgrade existing Oracle EPM & BI Applications infrastructure to take advantage of the latest available new features and resolve outdated functionality.