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Connected Planning

Connected Planning for the Modern Enterprise

Oracle’s latest deployment of Hyperion and Essbase technology is now available through the EPM cloud and is central to driving connected planning for today’s enterprise. From long-range scenario modeling to monthly rolling forecasts, Oracle’s EPM cloud enables visibility and accuracy for your organization. 

No longer reserved for the finance department, Oracle Enterprise Planning can: 

  • Integrate headcount related drivers into your workforce planning strategy
  • Create expense baselines and revenue expectations for your internal or external projects
  • Model capital financing scenarios and cash flow impacts for your asset investments 
  • Connect sales forecast expectations to your financial revenue forecasts 
  • Automatically generate the big 3 financial statements with pre-built frameworks OOB 

Whether you are looking for best practices out of the box or to redesign your business processes to fit today’s models, Cloud Planning provides a flexible platform that can be tailored to your needs.  

Financials: Revenue + Expense Planning

Are your finance teams still relying on Excel to generate your revenue and expense plans? Have you taken the steps to enable dynamic rolling forecasts? Have you identified the most reliable drivers for your business? By leveraging EPM Cloud to generate your financial models, you will: 

  • Eliminate spreadsheet versioning and manual adjustments with collaborative, business-focused dashboards
  • Automatically generate Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements configurable to your industry with pre-built frameworks out of the box 
  • Capitalize on configurable frameworks for driver and trend-based planning with pre-built best practices 
  • Enable flexible and dynamic rolling forecast with direct integrations into your source systems

EPMI has years of successful cloud project execution and customers across all industries – we bring this expertise to provide best in class recommendations on modernizing your financial planning. Our average transition to Cloud Planning sees a 40% reduction in time to budget, so what are you waiting for? 

Workforce Planning

Ahhh… Workforce. Our most costly….. And a valuable asset. If your organization isn’t integrating headcount related expenses into your financial plans, then you could see rapid growth hindered by ineffective hiring – reduce the risk of growth by gaining a full understanding of the intricacies of your workforce and related costs. 

EPM’s pre-built Workforce Planning module has: 

  • Direct integrations into any cloud-based HRIS or ATS/Recruiting platform
  • Visualize and plan by individual employee or department with compensation-related drivers out of box 
  • Unravel the complexity of employee expenses like benefits, tax, and training 

Whether you are an Oracle Cloud HCM user or even Workday, Oracle’s purpose-built Workforce Planning module will integrate employee data into your bottom line easier than ever before.


Capital Planning

To lease…. Or not to lease – that is the question. While not as existential or Shakespearian as Hamlet, modeling buy vs. lease scenarios for your capital assets will have serious cash flow and financial implications down the line. Equip your asset teams with the best tools to: 

  • Model depreciation and amortization with a variety of strategies for cash flow planning, asset-related expense planning and more 
  • Fully visualize the impact of buy versus lease scenarios with pre-built capital expense analysis
  • Plan for both tangible and intangible asset lifecycles 

How are you monitoring your capital investments?


Project Planning

Another module native to Oracle’s Cloud Planning platform, Project Financial Planning is a flexible and extendable tool that can provide visibility into both internal and external projects. 

  • Plan expenses for internal projects including R&D, IT, Marketing and training
  • Forecast revenue from customer-facing projects like professional services, engineering, construction and more
  • Understand net present value, return rates and ROI to gauge project performance and value for future endeavors 
  • Integrate into your workforce planning tool to create headcount utilization models for internal projects

By partnering with EPMI and Oracle, your organization will be able to model and measure expenses and revenue from all operational units. Planning is no longer reserved for finance  – contact us here