Oracle Cloud EPM is uniquely suited to streamline financial processes for rapidly growing Software as a Service companies. Oracle’s pre-built modules and flexibility to accommodate acquisition data sets the solution above the competition. In this post, we outline three key EPM use cases for SaaS businesses.

Capital/Project Planning

Research & Development initiatives at software companies are critical to innovating on product releases and providing additional functionality to customers. Organizations leveraging Oracle Cloud EPM can capture all R&D-related costs at the individual project level with the Projects module in Cloud Planning. EPM can capture information across various employee types and all related workforce data to effectively manage labor costs. Project expenses related to equipment involved in the R&D process can also be integrated. Cloud EPM enables SaaS finance teams to fully understand the monetary investment in any R&D initiative.

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SSI Group streamlined their budgeting process with Oracle Cloud EPM.

Once a product has been developed, Oracle Cloud EPM has a pre-built Capital planning module that is designed to fully capture product life cycles. EPM makes it easy to migrate development costs to the lifetime value of any capital asset to assist in depreciation methodologies.

M&A Readiness

For a lot of growing SaaS companies, Mergers & Acquisitions are central to scaling and the path to IPO. Oracle Cloud EPM is positioned to facilitate all data-related aspects of M&A, from integrating multiple ERPs into the Consolidations tool, to Strategically Modeling the impact of potential acquisitions, and analyzing the long-term impact on the company’s financial performance. EPM is source system agnostic, meaning that EPM can integrate with any data source, making it perfect for a scaling SaaS firm looking to acquire complementary organizations.

Transaction Matching

Business-to-Customer (B2C) SaaS firms face challenges when reconciling high-volume transactional data. If you’re an organization with a subscription model or an active customer base, matching missed payments, subscription cancellations, chargebacks, and ongoing charges can be difficult without a purpose-built tool. EPM automates the majority of high volume, low-risk matches with support for multiple match types. In this way, your accounting team can solely focus on transactions that are out of compliance, rather than the entire data set. Whether you are validating transactions across an ERP system, credit card processor, bank account, or any other data source, Oracle Cloud EPM has you covered.

If you are a scaling SaaS company seeking to automate and improve your finance and accounting processes, please get in touch!