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Automate Your Accounting Process

  • Financial Consolidation & Close – Take the steps to automate currency translation, account mapping and more to close while operating remotely.
  • Account Reconciliation – Automate your most arduous and manual account reconcilaition requirements to lift the burden from your accounting team.
  • Transaction Matching – A processing engine capable of matching over a million transactions a minute – that’s the power of the Oracle Cloud EPM.
  • EPM Task Manager – Eliminate the uncertainty of hitting reporting deadlines while operating remote with the integrated EPM Task Manager.

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Financial Consolidation & Close

What steps has your organization taken to automate and streamline the financial close and consolidation process? Many companies still rely on cumbersome and exceedingly large excel spreadsheets to normalize data across departments and business units. Oracle’s Financial Consolidation and Close solution creates a centralized repository of actual financial data to leverage for internal reporting requirements and realistic financial modeling.

Gone are the days of tracking your financial close over excel. Automate the mundane and gain a fuller understanding of your company’s financials with Oracle and EPMI, a Centroid Company.

What Financial Consolidation & Close can do for your business

  • Gain end to end visibility throughout the close process with an integrated task manager and approval workflows
  • Save time on periodic reporting with pre-built templates for income statement, balance sheet and cashflow
  • Automate complex consolidations and supplemental data collection
  • Seamlessly integrate into any source ERP whether Cloud-based or On-Premises
  • Take advantage of GAAP compliant functionality, including inter-company eliminations, adjustments, and detailed source traceability

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Account Reconciliation

For most companies, account reconciliations are an arduous and manual task that remains a heavy burden on accounting staff. Oracle Cloud EPM includes a purpose-built module for account reconciliations that helps automate reconciliation compliance as well as transaction matching, freeing up your team for analysis of data.

EPMI, a Centroid Company has helped numerous organizations automate their account reconciliation process. Our team of former controllers and accountants have been in your shoes and can walk you and your team through the process. Whether if you are determining how to categorize reconciliations as high risk or low risk, when and what supplemental data should be included in a reconciliation, or defining the appropriate rules for your business.

What Narrative Reporting can do for your business

  • Improve efficiencies by automating the reconciliation process
  • Comprehensively address security and risk that are inherent to reconciliation
  • Clearly denote responsibilities and timelines for the entire process
  • Shorten the timeline to close the books
  • Belief and trust in the validity of the numbers

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Transaction Matching

Think you have a lot of transactions to match? Imagine a matching engine capable of matching over a million transactions a minute – that’s the Oracle Cloud EPM. Transaction matching helps automate transaction-intensive reconciliations such as bank reconciliation, intercompany, and subledgers.

With our transaction matching experience and experts, EPMI, a Centroid Company is well-positioned to coach your team through the decision-making process. Our team will successfully define the requirements for your organization so that you can get the most from the transaction matching engine. We bring the technical know-how to get your up and running as quickly as possible.

What Transaction Matching can do for your business

  • Flexibility in matching rules and types (one to one, many to one, one to many, and many to many are all possible)
  • No limit on data sources or data attributes, fitting the complexity your organization requires
  • User-friendly interface for confirming suggested matches as well as creating a manual match
  • Works with reconciliation compliance to provide the documentation necessary for period end close
  • Replaces hours of manual work with Excel documents

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EPM Task Manager

Whether your team is hoping to create a culture of accountability during monthly close, or visibility into all steps of the budgeting cycle, the EPM Task Manager can be deployed to manage tasks across all business processes in the office of the CFO.

What EPM Task Manager can do for your business

  • Assign and monitor tasks with clear deadlines and responsibility assignments
  • Track completion towards business critical compliance and reporting deadlines
  • Configure approval workflows and email notifications to ensure alignment across distributed teams and business units

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