As a tech consulting firm, we are always looking for the best way to share lessons learned from each successful Oracle EPM project. With the endless barrage of webinars promising “best practices” and “thought leadership,” we decided to take a different angle with our EPMIcast podcasting approach.

I’ll summarize the key points below, but here’s a link if you’d like to take a listen.

CMC Materials

Formerly Cabot Microelectronics, EPMI modernized CMC Materials’ FP&A processes by migrating their legacy Hyperion Planning instance to the EPM Cloud.


  • Redefined and documented planning processes across business rules, calculations, reports and workflows
  • Increased calculation efficiency for allocations as part of COGS
  • Ability to plan at the product line or SKU level of detail
  • Flexibility to integrate acquisition data regardless of ERP

For manufacturing companies, product costing is always top of mind. By working with the EPMI team, our friends over at CMC materials can now plan with greater visibility and detail than ever before.

Western Digital

This is one of those technology projects where the deliverables really change the way a company operates. At Western Digital, their CFO used to fly around the world to manually approve account reconciliations. With Oracle EPM, that is no longer the case.


  • Centralized Western Digital’s glova Account Reconciliation requirements, certifications and approvals into one centralized platform
  • Configured innovative reconciliations across inventory systems to verify inventory state (WIP, WIT)
  • Replaced Blackline and a handful of disjointed reconciliation solutions into a single Oracle EPM platform


The team at Western Digital completed their first month’s reconciliations requirements ahead of schedule and without travelling around the world. I love it when we can draw a real world output from technology projects – I’m sure the CFO’s wife and family are thankful for Oracle EPM.

Global Tech Manufacturer

Unfortunately due to marketing/legal constraints, I am unable to share the name of this company, but they are global in nature, with products ranging from Televisions to CT scanners. EPMI partnered with this customer to migrate an aging Hyperion Financial Management instance to EPM Cloud. Prior to the upgrade, their IT team had to physically drive to a data center to maintain their Chart of Accounts and other data hierarchies.


  • Shifted ownership of report creation and disbursement from IT to Finance
  • Enabled Finance business users to maintain metadata within the application
  • Achieved functional parity with reduced maintenance and support relative to legacy consolidation tool


Can you imagine driving to the office in the middle of a pandemic to manage metadata? Luckily, with EPM Cloud, those human inconveniences are a thing of the past.